Lola Foxx Riding Cock and Giving Blowjob

Can’t think of many better welcomes than the opening moments of this video, with Lola Fuxx riding a cock on a staircase, bouncing up and down with her ass in the air.

She’s got some serious sexual skills, as you’d expect that his cock would slip out of her pussy numerous times in that particular sex position, but she manages to keep it in. He’s got a pretty long dick so that probably helped.

A Very Happy Lola Foxx Fucks and Sucks Like She Likes It from Mofos

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Latina Sex Tapes : .MP4, 31:00, 2.74GB, 1920×1080 HD, 12,000k

We can see Lola Foxx has two piercings on her back, not sure what those are called. I’ve heard it before but I don’t remember. Time for a google search. Okay I think it’s called a Dermal piercing. Hope you didn’t come here for an education anyways, unless it’s about the finer points of this sexy young girl Lola Foxx and her naked body.

This whole scene from Latina Sex Tapes she acts very happy and giddy, smiling a lot and seems totally into this scene with everything she has. Pretty hard to fake that kind of zest and zeal, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say Lola Foxx truly enjoys being a pornstar, is comfortable fucking on camera and should be added to your new favourite porn starlet lists immediately.

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Lola Foxx Naked After Undressing Out of Jeans

Seeing Lola Foxx naked after undressing is one of the fine privileges of this job. A pretty girl, nipples popping out of her shirt, telling us her pornstar name… AND she’s about to get totally naked. What kind of fantasy world is this that I live in?

Watch Lola Foxx Undress Out of Her Denim Jeans, Stripping Naked for ATK Exotics

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ATK Exotics : .MP4, 14:46, 655MB, 1920×1080 HD, 6,000k

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I love to see girls with no bra on, sporting hard nipples that can be seen through their tops. Her nipples are erect, at attention and ready to go to work for Lola Foxx here.

This is a toy masturbation scene of Lola Foxx naked from ATK Exotics, but I preferred to post the beginning where she undresses, to ease into this sologirl blog gently. She does finger her pussy near the end of this video clip though.

Really sexy girl here, I’m surprised I missed her in the latter part of 2011. Very happy I found her, as they say – better late than never, right? Seems like ATK has most of Lola Foxx’s content at this point across their various sites. You can see how many scenes each site has of her in the right hand column of this blog. Asses in Public.

Visit ATK Exotics

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Lola Foxx Blowjob in Massage Sex Video

A Lola Foxx blowjob video is only made better when it’s at a massage sex site, at least for me since I love the massage porn genre. This is the video I was going to post to one of my massage blogs as I mentioned in my intro/bio post at this new Lola Foxx blog. Instead it’s going here!

This clip starts with Lola Foxx giving a massage to a guy who looks a bit older than she does, and she’s asking him to turn over for her. She lifts the towel off his crotch area as he rotates, and seems happily surprised to see the size of his dick.

Mr Manning Gets a Lola Foxx Blowjob at Massage Parlor

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Massage Parlor : .MP4, 16:59, 843MB, 1920×1080 HD, 7,000k

Lola Foxx explains that her services go beyond simple massages, and removes her silk kimono, showing off a beautiful purple bra and panty set. Her ass looks amazing in panties, and it’s unfortunate she removes everything so quickly – except her black heels, of course.

A really nice Lola Foxx blowjob scene where she provides a mixture of handjob, blowjob, ball licking, scrotum sucking and deep throat gagging.

She looks great while doing it too, and has a lovely natural young body, long black hair and she loves to talk shit in this massage sex video.

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Lola Foxx Bio and Mini Intro

I was looking for something to post to my Massage Porn HD blog, and picked out this video of Lola Foxx. I liked her so much I thought why not make a Lola Foxx blog and make that massage video my first post. I don’t have much in the way of a bio to write for you. She’s from California (Woodland Hills says her Twitter account) and everything says she’s Latina. She looks petite at only 5’1″ and has long dark brown hair, pretty much black.

She has a very amateur wholesome girl next door look, with small natural B cup breasts. Looks like she might have mild freckles too. Her belly button is pierced, and she has a large flower tattoo on her pelvis. Also two small piercings in the small of her back.

Not much else to say about Lola Foxx in this little bio, other than she did her first work in late 2011 and now looks to be shooting again at various sites. In addition to web porn, she also stars in feature XXX films as well.

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Lola Foxx

Age: 20
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110lb / 51kg
Measurements: 32C-24-36
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Latina
Birthday: October 1st, 2991
Implants: No
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Lola Foxx is a new latina porn star hailing from Woodland Hills, California according to her busy Twitter page. She started in late 2011 and is already doing really well. I noticed a number of new scenes of her coming out, so it looks like she's doing a bunch of work at the moment in the summer of 2012. Lola Foxx does both internet scenes and retail DVD titles as well.


Lola Fox

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Masturbation
+ Girl / Girl
+ Handjobs
+ Blowjobs
+ Hardcore Sex
- Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

About Lola Foxx